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Why FanDistro?

Here's what you get:

  • Immediate, global distribution of your music using your greatest asset, your fan base
  • All the tools you need to reward fans for sharing your music with their social networks. We help you create rewards and promote, track which fans earn them, see who your most productive fans are, and for certain rewards, we ship the reward to the fan.
  • 20% of sales benefit charity by default. Fans can also opt to keep their 20% or give it back to the artist. The Artist gets 80% of sales.
  • Cross-pollination as fans of other FanDistro artists discover your music
  • Powerful, easy to use tools designed to gain you new fans and sales
  • Valuable anaytics so you can see how your fans Distros are doing
  • We handle all the financial stuff using Paypal. Please see our user agreement.
  • For a limited time, no cost to sign-up and use FanDistro, no hassle set-up, no minimum commitment, no strings attached. You pay $10 out of sales, so we only get paid when you do.

4 easy steps:

  1. Set-up your Artist Account & Project Page.
  2. Upload your music
  3. Invite fans to Distro you. Please see our How to get your fans involved blog post.
  4. Offer fans rewards like free music or tickets for helping you expand your fan base and sales.
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