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A simple tool that lets artists reward fans who share your video with a free download

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A FanDistro Campaign Will Get Your Video Shared More:

2 Easy Steps to Create Your Campaign:

Step 1: Link a YouTube Video and your Artist Facebook Page

The purpose of your Campaign is to get more eyes on your Release. To create a Campaign you need both a video hosted on YouTube and an artist page on Facebook. If you have these, you are good to go! Fans will be able to unlock a deal after they share your video. We get your artist information for your campaign from your Facebook artist page.

Step 2: Post the Link

Once your Campaign is created, you will receive a link to it that you share with your fans. If you selected a deal that resonates with them, you will get a bunch of shares. And with a bunch of shares, you get in front of potential fans and increase your YouTube spins. There is no cost to create a Campaign.

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Link your video and artist information to the deal:

Complete the following to create your link:

Upload Media
The link you post to get fans to share and unlock the deal will appear here (and will be emailed to you) after you complete the following and calculate your Earned Media Value ('EMV') using the "Go!" button:

Here is what fans see when they follow your link (your campaign will appear below after you hit "Go!"):

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