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FanDistro gives you the ability to engage your fans in a unique, exclusive way that gets your music into your fans' networks. You have the opportunity to make money in a completely new way with our Brand-artist partnerships. You support a great charity. And you leverage your greatest asset - your fans. Like you, we are unique and we are fellow artists. And we exist for you, the artist.
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How Artists Use FanDistro - Socionic's Gift Program

Prog Rockers Socionic designed a Gift Program that lets fans earn a gift almost immediately and encourages them to go for gifts that require more commitment. During their initial visit to the Socionic FanDistro page, fans can earn custom band wallpapers by just making a single share of a track. For doing a little more work, namely getting 5 friends to thumbs-up one of their songs, fans get a signed poster. Fans who create a Distrogram slide show and gets 20 thumbs-up on it can claim the gift of a google hangout chat with the band!!! Gift possibilities are limited only by the creativity of the artist.

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How Artists Use FanDistro - Neil Davidge's Track Page

Neil Davidge (of Massive Attack and Halo 4 fame) has a new solo album out, and with FanDistro 20% of sales benefit the charity Artists Project Earth. Fans can listen to tracks, comment on them, share them, create a Distrogram with them, favorite them, and purchase them. His label, The End Records, knows that the more fans are engaged and discussing an artist, the better ticket and music sales will be. You don't have to be big or be signed to tap into your fans' networks. You just have to be smart.

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When fans introduce your music to friends, you get new fans

Artist Cosmo Jarvis got 20 new fans for every fan who participated in a FanDistro campaign. There's no marketing tool more powerful than word of mouth. The key to tap into this power is to motivate your fans to introduce your music to their friends. That calls for great music and a reward mechanism. We have a couple great ways to accomplish the latter...

Motivate your fans with gifts - create, track and give

With FanDistro you create gifts that reward fans for introducing your music to their friends. Rewards can be anything from music downloads to house concerts, google+ hangouts to mix files from a track or custom tee-shirts. It takes less than a minute to set-up a reward, and if your gift is music or other downloads (like .zip, .psd, .pdf, .wav, .mpeg4, .jpg, etc.) files, you don't need to worry about handling fulfillment of the gifts - we do it all! FanDistro provides you with all the tools you need to create, track, and fulfill gifts for fans.

Distribute your music in a smart, socially-aware way

Charities you can support with your FanDistro project:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • World Wildlife Federation
  • MusicCares
  • Artists Project Earth
  • Amnesty International
  • Farm Aid
  • Bridge School
  • Invisible Children
  • Sierra Club
  • Kids in Distressed Situations
  • National Cancer Coalition
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • And many other great causes

An artist's greatest asset is the fan base. FanDistro gives you the tools to distribute your music through your fan base, and benefit charity at the same time. When your fans and their friends purchase music, 20%, by default, goes to a charity you select. Fans have the ability to change the charity, give you the 20%, or credit their own account with it.

Create a completely new revenue stream

We're not talking about selling downloads, streaming music or videos, doing licensing deals, or touring. We want to bring you a sponsor for your gift program. Whether you have 1,000 or 1mm fans, regardless of your genre, there are sponsors out there for you. The sponsor gets a logo on your track page and may even supply some cool gifts for fans. You invite your fans to participate in the program. Programs typically run for three months. The amount of money you can make depends on the size of your fan base and how well you are able to get them to participate in your rewards program. This is brand new and we'll be rolling it out soon - so watch your emails and tweets for opportunities to be sponsored.

Get insightful stats on how your fans spread your music

We provide you with critical statistical information like real-time tracking of how your music is shared, which tracks are being shared, what platforms are most successful, who your most productive fans are, and more. Bonus - when you gain new fans, they belong to you: you may access their email addresses any time.

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Give your fans unique, exclusive gifts. Grow your fan base. Support charities. And create a revenue stream.

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