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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost for an Artist to use FanDistro?
There is a $9.99 yearly fee which is taken once you earn it. So there is NO UPFRONT COST to use FanDistro.
How do I get my fans to involved?
The best way to get your fans involved is to communicate to them using an email, Facebook, twitter, or G+ post that you are on FanDistro and if they help you sell a download they can direct 20% of the sale to a charity. You can run contests too. Check out our How to get fans involved blog post.
I'm registered, but I can't seem to login.
If you login in the future and don't see your info, make sure you don't have two sets of login info (usernames and passwords - from Facebook, for example). If you signed up with one set, and you're now trying to sign in with Facebook connect, you won't be able to login unless the username and password are identical. Make sure you're logging in with the same username and password that you signed up with. Something else to try is deleting FanDistro from your Facebook apps (located under account settings) and then allowing access when you attempt to log in again. If that still doesn't help, send an email to support@fandistro.com.
Can I take my album offline without deleting it?
Sure. Click projects located in the top navigation. Select the project you want to edit. Click on the 'Make Live' link and set your project to 'Not Live'. Change it to 'Live' to put your project back online.
How do I modify my info or add new projects?
Login to the site, and then click the 'Projects' link in the top navigation. From this page you can select whatever project you want to edit or click 'Create a new project' to add a new one.
How do I upload music?
During the New Project Set up in Step 2 you select music files to upload.
Why do you allow artists to upload lossless files when you distribute mp3s?
For right now we only distribute mp3s. In future releases of the site we will allow lossless distribution. We also do the mp3 conversion for you so you have high quality mp3s to distribute.
What kind of audio files can I upload?
We support the following file formats: AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF and MP3. For the best experience for your audience, please upload lossless file formats whenever possible. If you upload mp3s please make sure they are at least 256 bit.
What is a project?
A project is your album or any collection of songs that you have written.
How many projects can I create for my $9.99 yearly fee?
As many as you want! There is no limit!
What if someone purchases a track without clicking through a Distro? How much do I get?
You get 100%(after the transaction fee).


Welcome to FanDistro, where you can introduce your friends to your favorite artists, and if one of them buys a download you can direct 20% of the sale to a charity. We are tightly integrated with Facebook, twitter and G+ making it really easy to share the songs you like. You can also share with your friends using your own site or via email. And your friends can go ahead and help promote your favorite artists as well!
Basically how does FanDistro work?
  • You share music (we call it Distro)
  • A friend buys the music
  • You are rewarded for your effort by directing 20% of the sale to charity while the artist gets 80%. You can also keep the 20% or give it back to the artist.
What's a Distro?
To Distro is to share a song, link or widget using FanDistro, but it's MORE than just sharing - you earn money when you Distro. Check this page out for more information. If you have any questions please contact us.
How do I open an account for the first time?
Click either the Facebook or Twitter icon on the upper right side of any FanDistro page (above the search box). Fill in your Facebook or Twitter credentials and click login. The Facebook and Twitter icons should be replaced by a Logout link above the search box.
What Charities do you work with?
After you log in go to your account page (link at top of page). Click on the Charity link on the left side of the page and you'll be able to see the list of charities. The list is forever growing so if you would like to donate to a charity that is not on the list please contact us and we'll see if we can add it.
Do I need to use my Facebook login if I'm going to Distro using Facebook?
Yes. If you want to Distro using Facebook you must login to FanDistro with Facebook.
Why does FanDistro need access to my Facebook information?
FanDistro needs access to the following from Facebook:
  • Email Address is needed to log you into our site and communicate with you. We never give this away.
  • Publish Stream is needed so fans can post to their wall or their friends walls.
  • User Likes is needed so fans can post to their favorite pages.
  • User Location allows us to map out where fans are located.
Why do I get a Distro Failed message when I try to Facebook Distro?
This is most likey happening because FanDistro doesn't have the correct permissions to post to your Facebook page.

To fix this:
  • Log into Facebook
  • Got to your settings
  • Remove the FanDistro App
  • Log into FanDistro with Facebook and give us permission to make posts
If you still have problems after following these steps then please contact us.
Does it cost anything to Distro?
NO! It is absolutely free to Distro!
How can I Distro a full album?
You can Distro a full album by using an Icon or Text Link Distro after clicking the "Other ways to Distro" link on a track page. We are currently building a widget so you can Distro a widget to Facebook that plays a whole album.