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Introducing FanDistro's Release Collective

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About Collectives:

  • Each Collective has up to five participants
  • There are two ways to get into a Collective - be invited, or create one yourself
  • Each participant agrees to make social media posts that support releases by each Collective member
  • Because not all participants have the same size fan base and level of engagement, participants agree to produce a pre-determined level of Earned Media Value ("EMV") in support of each member's release
  • EMV is calculated by FanDistro and is available real-time on the Collective's FanDistro page
  • To get started and either join (if you have received an invitation) or create a Collective, please complete the steps below

The idea is pretty simple: get your latest release out to multiple fan bases, rather than just your own. This is possible when people form alliances, or Release Collectives, to mutually promote a release from each member. The biggest impediment to forming a Collective is concern that not all members will make a fair contribution. We deal with this issue by quantifying each member's contribution and having each member agree to a minimum. In our take on Release Collectives, the mutual promotion of releases takes place on social media, where FanDistro tracks and values engagements using our proprietary Earned Media Value ('EMV') calculator and makes the results available to all parties. We tell members when they achieve their commitment so members don't have to.

If everyone doesn't contribute their fair share, the Collective is a bust. So we take the "trust but verify" approach. We measure the value created by each post to facebook and twitter so each member of a Collective knows the media value that has been created for them. The minimum EMV is established before posts by any members start. Each member of a Collective will be subject to feedback by the other members.

FanDistro is Based outside NYC in CT. We have worked with over 5,000 artists, brands, and venues worldwide.

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