The missing marketing strategy for artists
  •  Work together with artists you select to market a FanDistro Campaign, which can promote a release, a tour, a product, a brand partner, etc.
  •  Each artist in the Collective supports each of the other artists with social media posts
  •  Each artist's social media posts are tracked and valued based on engagement levels using our EMV tool
  •  Everyone in the Collective knows how much value has been created by each member
  •  Each member commits to generate a certain amount of media value for each of the other members
  •  Each Collective may have up to 5 members

To get started, please login. Then if you haven't already, please calculate your EMV. Your EMV is used to make sure that collective members are compatible with regard to how much media value they generate when they post. You will be able to Create or join a Collective after you have run your EMV and entered your invitation code. You can get an invitation code either by requesting one from us or by receiving one from another artist who is inviting you to join a Collective.