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Have Artists AND their fans promote your brand

  • FanDistro is a tech platform where more than 4,000 music artists create Campaigns to crowdsource their marketing, incentivize and reward fans and influencers, and amplify the reach and value of their social media
  • We put your brand at the center of a Campaign. Your brand is tied to experiences and rewards offered by artists and promoted by artists
  • FanDistro amplifies a brand's message/campaign. FanDistro has created 50-500% more media value than other social media marketing channels in recent Campaigns

Target the fans of artists who align with your target demographics and values:

Option 1: Find an Artist Ambassador

  • Run a small regional campaign, a large multinational campaign, or anything in between
  • Include one artist or a portfolio of them
  • Be promoted by artists with 1,000 fans or those with 5+ million
  • Campaigns typically run 3 months and include 10 Facebook posts and 10 tweets
  • Bid on a campaign based on fan engagement. Better than buying "Likes" and clicks
  • Include your product as gift/reward for fans in campaign
  • Click "Partner Now!" below any artist on the previous tab and you will be asked to provide information about your brand and a bid for EMV that will be generated
  • Truly social, not spammy
  • Real time campaign data, including Earned Media Value generated for your brand
  • Select one of our Featured Artists or let us present other options to you

Option 2: Place your product in an Campaign

  • Get your product in front of thousands of artists/labels now, and reach thousand to millions of their fans
  • Artists select which products they want to feature in their crowd-sourced Marketing Campaigns
  • Artists commit to deliver Earned Media Value greater than your product's value
  • Do you have little or no ad budget but want to get your product out there?
  • Interested in seeing which artists are attracted to your brand?
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Campaign Example: Cajun Beer & Cajun Music - FanDistro Put these Together

Well maybe Cajun music and beer were together before FanDistro, but we did it in a new way. Using FanDistro's Brand-backed crowd-sourced Marketing Campaign, a regional brewery named Bayou Teche tapped into the fan base of Cajun band, Lost Bayou Ramblers. To expand their customer base in a highly focused manner, the brewery sponsored the band's gift program and has been promoted along with the gift program to a fan base concentrated in the South.

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Campaign Example: A Better Connection with Prospective Customers

Through Brand-backed crowd-sourced Marketing Campaigns, bands promote brands using Tweets, emails, facebook posts and show announcements. For Bayou Teche, fans were driven to the Bayou Ramblers page at FanDistro to learn about and claim gifts, including crawfish bar blades and tee shirts provided by the brewery. There they saw the Bayou Teche logo, description and website link and felt the support of the brand by their band.

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Case Studies What is EMV?

Recent Brand-backed Campaign Case:

  • Background: In a recent campaign an artist created 7 gifts/rewards, two of which were for the sponsor's product. The Artist made 25 posts that promoted the campaign and included the brand name. The artist typically generates $110 of earned media value for each twitter/facebook post (FanDistro analyzes historical twitter/facebook posts and calculates this for each of our artists)
  • 153 fans created 364 Distros, which generated 4k page visits
  • Facebook and Twitter posts by the artist created earned media value for the brand of $3,300
  • FanDistro engagement created an additional $2,300 of value for the brand (total earned media value of $5,600)
  • Cost to the brand was $3,000 for the campaign - ROI of 83%
  • Takeaway: It Works. Brand was implicitly endorsed by the artist. Fans reached by person of influence. Great ROI for brand.

Product Placement Results:

  • Product: iPad Mini
    • Retail Value: $249
    • Number of Facebook & Twitter posts by artist: 8
    • Earned media value created for the brand: $816 - ROI of 227%
  • Product: Amazon Fire TV Stick
    • Retail Value: $43
    • Number of Facebook & Twitter posts by artist: 5
    • Earned media value created for the brand: $510 - ROI of 1,860%
  • Takeaway: It Works. Great exposure for a product, great value created for the brand.

Why work with FanDistro?

  • Existing partnerships with artists and labels allow for immediate access and custom program development (Geography, genre)
  • Unique consumer solution/platform that creates currency for social engagement
  • 50-100% better performance than using tweets and facebook posts alone
  • Superior analytics to track and optimize performance
  • Get the reach of a major artist via a portfolio
  • Team with deep music industry, brand, deal structuring, analytic, and tech expertise
  • Limited exposure
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Tap Into the Power of Music.

A simple, quick, and well defined way to reach groups of fans. Benefit from an artist tie-in without the complexity, expense and risk.

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