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Brand Placement with Artists

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The Concept:

Encourage artists to use their social media to market your product by giving them a deal they can pass on to their fans - a meaningful discount, a 2-for-1 deal, free merch, etc. Artists use your deal to reward fans for sharing their latest video. The artist gets more eyes on their media, the fan gets a good deal on a great product, and the brand gets sales and Earned Media Value ('EMV').

You get lots of media value and sales without the cost. Plus you get data - who is interested in your product, which music genres yield the most customers, and which artists are effective at spreading the word. You get a social street team. And you get email addresses of people who earn your deal.

You provide FanDistro with basic information about your product. We create your coupon and provide you with a link, which artists share to let fans know about the deal you are offering. During and after your campaign, you can access your data.

We work with you to develop ideas to engage your customers, provide all the tech, and provide world-class support.

FanDistro understands that when a fan or patron shares a message from an artist, brand, or venue, that fan is expending energy and delivering a valuable social audience. We think fans and patrons should be better rewarded for doing this. FanDistro is Based outside NYC in CT.

How It Works:

Artist posts to fans...

To reward you for helping me release my video "Mirrored Sunglasses" Here's an easy way to get your own pair at 25% off -!
Green Glasses are awesome! Distro my new video and you can have one at 25% off -!

... and fans share the artist's release to unlock the discount

Key Questions:

  • You reach the fans of an artist with the implied endorsement of that artist
  • Ability to set cash and/or product bonuses for the artist tied to sales, so the artist is incentivized to be creative and encourage fans to use your unique link and/or coupon code to purchase your product
  • If you want to build general brand awareness, you may set cash and/or product incentives to EMV created by the artist for you
It may make sense to incentivize and reward some artists for generating sales. With our Targeted Placement option, let's say your product is priced at $299 and you can pay $50 per unit in bonus if 50 units are sold. And, you believe that a 15% discount will suffice to encourage fans to use the coupon. Your deal might then include:

  • A 15% coupon
  • A 1-unit product bonus if sales of 20 units is reached, and
  • A cash bonus of $2,500 bonus if 50 units are sold (and tracked to your unique link/coupon code)

We are happy to develop unique, creative ways for you to reach the fans of artists and can structure a deal that works for your product. Just contact Deborah at

  • First, fans unlock the discount or other reward by sharing the artist's content. This gets more eyeballs and spins on the artist's content and gives artists a way to ask fans to help and immediately give them something in return
  • You may offer the artist their own product if they hit a sales or Earned Media Value ('EMV') target defined by the you
  • Finally, you may offer the artist a cash bonus based on sales or EMV achieved
  • We have initiated campaigns with artists who have fan bases of 5k to 2mm and generate Earned Media Value of $1k to more than $100k, and have we access to virtually any artist through our extensive label and artist management network, as well as the 4k artists currently on FanDistro.
  • $49 for Basic Placement, $199 for Targeted Placement (normally $499)
  • If you offer a cash bonus, you need to be able to track and report sales based on unique links/coupon codes. We require a deposit equal to 50% of the cash bonus being offered and ask for the remaining 50% within 30 days of an Authorized Artist achieving your sales or EMV objective
  • For Targeted Placement, FanDistro Guarantees that you may reject any artist that is interested in placing your product, and if we do not bring you an acceptable artist within 60 days, your deposit will be returned. An artist you accept is an Authorized Artist.
  • For Targeted Placement, we will provide guidance in campaign structuring and artist selection to make the process smooth and efficient

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