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Reward your fans when they introduce your music to their friends.

Your music spreads virally. Your fans get free merch, music and more. And your favorite charity benefits.

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Give your fans more reasons to share music.

There's no marketing tool more powerful than word of mouth. We believe in giving your fans more reasons to share your music, by rewarding them when they introduce enough of their friends to your music, and giving them 20% of any sales they help generate.

Featured Rewards

  • Saint
    • Earn a Signed Poster by making 10 Shares

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  • Codabass
    • Earn a Free Download of Album by making 10 Shares

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  • unmanifesto
    • Earn a Signed CD by making 10 Shares

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  • Go Exploring
    • Earn a Custom Song of whatever fan wants not to be sold or distributed by making 10 Shares

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  • Sammy G
    • Earn a Shout out on Facebook or twitter by Purchasing $10

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  • Plum
    • Earn a Handwritten lyric book with a personal note to you by getting 10 ThumbsUps for a Distrogram

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  • Plum
    • Earn a Cover song of your choice delivered by a personalized Distrogram by Raising $20 for the Artists Charity

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  • Neil Davidge
    • Earn a free download of Epiphany by getting 3 friends to Share

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      King Hookiss - House Music EP


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